[TenTec] Future of Ten-Tec in the Amateur Radio Market (Jerry Stewart)

Katz Ajamas ajamas.rn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 13:42:26 EDT 2017

The current Tentec is not currently selling new ham gear and it appears
from the letter, it is not currently selling any Omni VI parts. The current
Tentec appears to be responsive. Just not with the answers everyone would
like. From what I read, they are also doing repairs, where they can make
some money doing so.

The old Tentec is out of business. No one assumed it's liabilities.

The new Tentec has to build a reputation for making stuff, getting paid for
it, and paying it's suppliers. With a contract to manufacture, the risk to
suppliers is greatly reduced. For fans, the govt. contracts keeping Tentec
to busy to talk to hams on the phone should be seen as a good sign. Someone
with enough faith might send in a deposit on the promise of a great radio.
Suppliers are much more willing to provide parts for contracted radios. If
the radio were there to build and the government contracts were not keeping
folks busy, Tentec could ask for deposits which would help out with credit
and it might make sense.

I don't think we're going to see any new ham radios until current
obligations afford time to manage a ham project AND it makes economic sense
to both Tentec and creditors.  For me, I want to try or at least see a
thorough demonstration of a radio before I buy it so this means having some
serious money in the bank and a good enough product to take the am market

A lot of folks bring up Elecraft and Icom in comparison to Tentec. Even
without the blow out pricing, IMHO the Eagle is a better CW rig than either
the kx3 or the ic7300. I was never a Tentec fan until I bought the Eagle.

MFJ is a USA company. Their stuff is inexpensive. Their warranty is great.
Most of their stuff works as expected. Their stuff is ubiquitous in the
market.  If making a high end ham radio were easy, MFJ would be doing it!

Receive antenna phasing network. MFJ <$150 and you get a schematic, and it
works. DXEngineering. >$700 and you can NOT get a schematic, and it works
just a little bit better and is just a little bit easier to use. Given
plenty of money, I'd buy the DXE. Priced within a commoner's budget, the
MFJ exceeds expectations.

73, -Bob ah7i/w4

-do not look into LASER with remaining eye!

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