[TenTec] Re my earlier inquiry concerning Ten-Tec

Jerry Stewart ne4l at hughes.net
Tue Oct 17 22:25:33 EDT 2017

A person pointed out to me off-line a raging 'discussion' on a QRZ 
forum.  I am not in the habit of reading opinion forums over there, so 
was unaware that my question had been answered in no uncertain terms in 
a response to someone with similar questions. I now know that if Ten-Tec 
does go back into production, the owner has made it emphatically clear 
that he does not want the business of anyone who would dare ask how it's 
going after two years. Message heard loud and clear.  Consider my 
question dropped.

In the mean time, if someone has interest in a Delta II, drop me a 
line.  I'm keeping my Orion and several other TT rigs for now but bought 
an Icom 746 to drop in where I had the Delta II for use with some rig 
control software.  And I wanted 6 meters.

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