[TenTec] Re my earlier inquiry concerning Ten-Tec

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Oct 17 23:42:24 EDT 2017

Raging discussion?  Considering that thread was closed by the QRZ moderators
several weeks ago, that's interesting.

And actually, I read Mike's comments as being directed at the same handful
of people who are keeping these tall tales of Ten Tec's demise (past,
present, or future) going.  Some of us have dubbed this group "The Funeral
Committee" considering their zeal to make Ten Tec dead and buried.

The Funeral Committee are the same people who are currently claiming on the
eHam forums that Ten Tec is buidling and repairing radios... In a storage
unit.  (I especially liked the comment from someone there telling me I was
full of BS because I wouldn't provide him with the exact address... That,
and for passing on information Mike posted on QRZ as "secret insider
knowledge".  Right.)

So Jerry, if you choose to take what Mike said personally, so be it.  If you
find Mike's blunt comments offense, so be it.    If you are using that as
part of your reason for selling off your Delta II, so be it. 

But don't be offended for simply asking what's going on.  That simply query
alone doesn't make one a troll, and comments deservedly directed at trolls
were clearly not intended towards innocent queries.

(Unless you want to be a troll, of course, which I don't think you do.
Personally, I don't recommend it.  Finding good housing under bridges gets
pretty tough these days)

73, ron w3wn

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A person pointed out to me off-line a raging 'discussion' on a QRZ forum.  I
am not in the habit of reading opinion forums over there, so was unaware
that my question had been answered in no uncertain terms in a response to
someone with similar questions. I now know that if Ten-Tec does go back into
production, the owner has made it emphatically clear that he does not want
the business of anyone who would dare ask how it's going after two years.
Message heard loud and clear.  Consider my question dropped.

In the mean time, if someone has interest in a Delta II, drop me a line. 
I'm keeping my Orion and several other TT rigs for now but bought an Icom
746 to drop in where I had the Delta II for use with some rig control
software.  And I wanted 6 meters.

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