[TenTec] Noise blanker recommendations

P C Andy Anderson xtraham58 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 23 12:18:08 EDT 2017

Hi John, I have a TT Orion 2 and am very satisfied with both the Noise Reduction and the Noise Blanker. I am not sure if the Orion (original) has these same features.

Now that they have SAF, Selective Audio Filtering also it makes it hard to beat.

My 2 cents, Andy.... W3LI


I was making a rather serious (given my small antennas) effort today in the
Illinois QSO Party and had to deal with this intermittent noise I have here
for pretty much the entire contest.  It is a raspy, hash type noise that
will be on for 2 or 3 seconds, then will end, but come back every 20 to 30
seconds.  I  have figured out it is not in my house, and doesn't seem to be
power line noise.  At one time I thought I had localized it to a house
about 4 houses to the west of me, but the house is now unoccupied, but the
noise is still there.

Anyways, I was using the Kenwood TS950SD which I just picked up, and it is
a great rig with lots of receiver tools.  The noise blanker pretty much
knocked out the noise, but it also produced plenty of IMD products when the
band got busy and put a raspy sound on many of the signals, so I was having
to turn the NB off and on trying to make the signals as best as I could
with this noise.  Even engaged the attenuator a few times on 40m which
helped a little, but also weakened signals.

I have had a slight windfall recently and can afford to get a newer, better
rig if I want.  Are there any recent Ten Tecs that have noise blankers that
take out many different types of noise, but don't mess with the receive
signals and receiver dynamic range?  I wonder if the DSP based noise
blankers are better?  An older rig would be ok also if it would meet those

73 John AF5CC
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