[TenTec] Noise blanker recommendations

Barry N1EU barry.n1eu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 12:20:51 EDT 2017

Yes, original Orion has the same NR/NB features.

73, Barry N1EU

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 12:18 PM, P C Andy Anderson <xtraham58 at hotmail.com>

> Hi John, I have a TT Orion 2 and am very satisfied with both the Noise
> Reduction and the Noise Blanker. I am not sure if the Orion (original) has
> these same features.
> Now that they have SAF, Selective Audio Filtering also it makes it hard to
> beat.
> My 2 cents, Andy.... W3LI
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> I was making a rather serious (given my small antennas) effort today in the
> Illinois QSO Party and had to deal with this intermittent noise I have here
> for pretty much the entire contest.  It is a raspy, hash type noise that
> will be on for 2 or 3 seconds, then will end, but come back every 20 to 30
> seconds.  I  have figured out it is not in my house, and doesn't seem to be
> power line noise.  At one time I thought I had localized it to a house
> about 4 houses to the west of me, but the house is now unoccupied, but the
> noise is still there.
> Anyways, I was using the Kenwood TS950SD which I just picked up, and it is
> a great rig with lots of receiver tools.  The noise blanker pretty much
> knocked out the noise, but it also produced plenty of IMD products when the
> band got busy and put a raspy sound on many of the signals, so I was having
> to turn the NB off and on trying to make the signals as best as I could
> with this noise.  Even engaged the attenuator a few times on 40m which
> helped a little, but also weakened signals.
> I have had a slight windfall recently and can afford to get a newer, better
> rig if I want.  Are there any recent Ten Tecs that have noise blankers that
> take out many different types of noise, but don't mess with the receive
> signals and receiver dynamic range?  I wonder if the DSP based noise
> blankers are better?  An older rig would be ok also if it would meet those
> criteria.
> 73 John AF5CC
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