[TenTec] Omni 6+ Confusion

Ken kakoval at cox.net
Mon Oct 23 17:51:05 EDT 2017

Today I finally got around to replacing the crystal oven on my Omni 6+ 
Logic Board with a brand new oven.  Not a bad job, but when I put the 
Logic Board back in and started connecting everything, I ran into a 
problem.  Cable 41A has 3 pins and cable 34 has 2 pins.  However, the 
header that they mate with has 6 pins, one extra.  I know I should have 
noticed this when I took the board out, but I didn't.  Now I'm confused 
as to how to connect cables 41A and 34 back to the board.  The schematic 
in the manual is no help.  Any help to un-confuse me would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thanks...Ken,  K9PGC

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