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Hi Ed,

The problem seems to be that my radio covers 6m.
If it stopped at 30 MHz, I believe Scott could sell it without Type

The LD-11 is the predecessor of the SKY-SDR.  The LD-5 was the first
generation, the LD-11 the second generation and the SKY is the 3rd

Actually the SKY looks more like the original LD-5.  That was by choice.  I
was afraid red might turn some people off, plus the light color does not
show scratches as much.  And, I found the square buttons larger and easier
to use than the round ones. 

The real difference is the structure of the software.  The LD-5 and LD-11
have single-threaded software, whereas the SKY-SDR has dual threaded
software.  This has cut CPU latency in half.
Since switching to dual-threaded, all further development in the firmware
has been with the dual-threaded software and can't be used with the
single-threaded software.

I had several changes made to the design before I launched and even
recently.  These include louder side-tone, more speaker volume, and a 10dB
mic preamp added.  I didn't like the LD-11 knobs so they designed new ones
for my radio.

The LD-11 is an outstanding radio (except for its user manual).  If anyone
buys one new or used, download the user manual for the SKY-SDR.  The radios
are similar and after reading the manual I wrote, LD-11 users understand how
to use all the features on their radio.

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>Scott would like to sell them in the states, but we don't  want to go 
>thru the hassle and cost of FCC Type Approval.

I am very sad to hear this.  BTW, what is the difference between your rig
and the LNR LD-11?  They appear to be very similar and at least it is
available in US.

Thank you.

Ed Lawson
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