[TenTec] OT: Question Connecting IC-7300 to AL-80A amplifier

rick@dj0ip.de Rick at DJ0IP.de
Wed Sep 20 11:52:19 EDT 2017

Hi guys and gals,


A friend of mine (also OM6 user) just purchased an IC-7300 and wants to run
it with his AL-80A (slow open-frame relay).

He asked me if the 7300 can be adjusted for proper CW amp keying timing.


I know that he will need:

..> About 25mS TXD (delay of RF after keying the Amp Key line)

..> About 200mS hang delay


I found in the manual how to adjust the hang delay but I can't find any
description of the default RF delay or TXD adjustment.


Anyone here been down that road yet?





Rick, DJ0IP


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