[TenTec] TenTec Scout 555 with sudden lost of RF output

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Don't worry, you won't be in over your head.
It's all very simple and certainly the very next step you should take.
That way you can determine if the problem is in the final power amplifier circuit, or the earlier stages.

Remove the case.
Set the radio upside down on the table.
On the back you find the huge heat-sink; the board attached to it is the final PA.
It has two thin coax cables attached to it; one is power in, coming from the driver stage, the other is power out, going to the Low-Pass filter, which is inside of the swappable band module.

All you have to do is, unplug the cable from the driver stage to the PA board, and plug it directly into the low-pass filter in the plug-in module (after unplugging the cable coming from the output of the PA).

The radio should transmit about 5 Watts. 
If so, then the problem is in the PA stage.
If not, then the problem is in earlier stages.

See page 2-7 of the Scout manual for a picture.

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Thanks for the replies Stuart and Mike - appreciated. I gave the power pot a few turns, but with no joy (yes, I do have sidetone.) Wiggled and seated everything I could but still nothing. I may attempt the 'bypass finals' test if I can figure out what goes where - but may be in over my head. Will try the local club meeting in search of a hardware helper - thanks again Stuart and Mike!

Happy holidays and a happy new year to all!

Very 73, Mike NK8S

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