[TenTec] Estate of WA1JG/SK

Mike Schatzberg md.schatzberg at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 01:29:10 EST 2018

John H. Graves II, WA1JG/SK, was a long time Ten Tec fan with a large collection of Ten Tec and other equipment, and a subscriber to this Reflector. 

His son Matt, has asked for help with offering his collection for sale. Matt Graves can be contacted via email here: 

mgrooves at gmail.com

Please see the attached link to Dropbox photos of his collection and a note from Matt. If you see something of interest, please contact Matt and tell him you saw the equipment here on his dad’s Reflector. 


Tnx and 73,

Owner Ten Tec Reflector 

Hi Mike-- thank you for offering to let people know about my father's radio equipment. 

My father John (WA1JG, formerly WB1EHL) was a list-member and huge Ten-Tec fan, and had collected various rigs since the early 1970s. 

As discussed, I've enclosed a list of his Ten-Tec gear, along with links to photos for each unit (thought that would be easier than attaching so many photos). Thank you for offering to let people know about the equipment.

In case people are interested, I've also enclosed a list of the rest of the equipment we'll be selling-- it includes a lot of vintage stuff from Heathkit, Drake, Hammerlund and other manufacturers. If anyone would be interested in any of this gear, please let me know.

Thanks again~


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