[TenTec] Hercules II fan noise

Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Nov 21 14:33:24 EST 2018

Hints on cooling fan noises applicable to most fans.

If it is an older fan, unplug power and try a spin test by hand/ finger.
If you have bad bearing, you may hear clik, clik at the bad spot.

If you finger spin the prop and it runs and coasts awhile, it may only 
need lubrication. I use TRI FLOW, as a good compromise.

On computer (Muffin) type fans, you can use a needle Oiler to pump some 
oil into the bearing thru the label covering the end of the shaft.
A LITTLE goes a long way; you don't want it slinging oil while running.

Repeat the spin test, followed by a run test on AC power. All of the 
fans I treated are still good months or a year later.

If no joy, fans are pretty common. Mouser Electronics has a broad 
selection.  (I always buy the ball bearing fan for a long lasting fix.)
Same blade count and mounting should be used to match the original fan.

-Stuart Rohre

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