[TenTec] Hercules II fan noise

Michael Chowning mike.chowning at mgccc.org
Tue Nov 20 21:03:22 EST 2018

Hi, John!  I dug up this old comment on fan noise on the ten ten reflector:

From: Michael O. Hyder <N4NT at bigfoot.com>
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>> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Hercules II and 444 Amps
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>> Date: Friday,July 10,1998 5:03 AM
>> Hi Bob--
>> My 444 did not have a clacking relay (unless you are talking about
>> stepping relay used as the bandswitch).  QSK made no more noise than
>> Omni-C alone.
>> The 444 did have a fan which was not very loud when the amplifier was
>> sitting idle, but would sound rather like a 747 landing when the heat
>> sink got hot.  This fan noise was reduced by placing the 444 on a
>> of carpet so the desk didn't act as a sounding board.  After that it
>> sounded like a 737 landing.
>> I know nothing of the Hercules II, but it seems about the only thing
>> has in common with the 444 is that they are both solid state and they
>> share the name 'Hercules.'  Knowing what I do about the 444, I wonder
>> why TenTec didn't call the new one the 'Zeus' or something else to
>> folks from associating the two amplifiers.
>> Regards,  Mike      N4NT at bigfoot.com
Don’t know if that helps, but it may help…..
      Mike, N8TTR

> On Nov 20, 2018, at 8:30 PM, John Farler <k4avx1 at windstream.net> wrote:
> My Hercules II fan seems kinda loud.  I have no way of
> knowing whether there's a problem, but the ads, of
> course say it's a quiet fan.  This might be something
> I can fix, if it is going out.
> Can anyone give me an idea about this situation?
> Thanks,
> John, K4AVX
> k4avx1 at windstream.net
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