[TenTec] 2C3133 source

Stuart Rohre Rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 12 14:42:56 EDT 2018

You should be able to find a complete data sheet on the original devices.

Make up a chart of the principal factors that need to be similar.  You 
may find similar devices in the spec sheets for the original no. On the 
web find out if there are applications notes that state any critical 

You want to match Beta, cut off frequency, and input and output capacity 
  if possible.  Make sure the housing is the same or else you have to 
fabricate a holder for the new transistors. Dissipation rating of equal 
or higher is pretty much a necessity for a driver.

Before you spend a lot of time, be sure to scour the legitimate 
distributors, (Mouser etc.)  There are specialty distributors that carry 
military semiconductors which may be equals to what you seek.

Look up the original manufacturer of the devices, and see if they can 
point you to a source (if the original vendor is still in business)

Will spare final transistors work as drivers?  If you can fit them into 
the board or above it, that may be a solution, and carries the advantage 
of the drivers can run cooler.

Stuart Rohre
Buy plenty of spares!.

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