[TenTec] Orion 565 doesn't work anymore.

Bill Cotter n4lg at qx.net
Mon Dec 16 21:29:10 EST 2019

A well-controlled applicator is the DeoxIT D100L-25C Needle 
Dispenser. It will allow a fraction of a drop to be applied to any 

73 Bill N4LG


At 04:03 PM 12/16/2019, you wrote:
>Intermittency issues are not unusual with these radios and radios 
>of this age.  Time for a connector cleaning to restore life for 
>another 10 to 20 years.    Please just clean the connectors  and 
>DO NOT spray anything into the radio.
>Bob, K4TAX
>On 12/16/2019 1:05 PM, Enzo via TenTec wrote:
>>Thank you all for the quick answers!
>>This evening when back home, I was ready to open covers and take 
>>a look inside the Orion, but before doing that, I switched it on 
>>and, with my surprise, the noise heard from the speaker was 
>>different. So, after having set the correct display contrast, I 
>>tried to listen to the 20m band it was busy! Then, I tried change 
>>the band, mode, transmission... the Orion seems fully alive 
>>again! Nothing has been changed from yesterday, but today it 
>>works. Since I don't believe in miracles, I wonder what went on? 
>>I'll check it in every function, but it seems fine.
>>73 de Enzo, IK3SWB
>>Il 15/12/2019 21:27, Bill Cotter ha scritto:
>>>My Orion-II had exactly the same symptoms, on a couple of 
>>>occasions. The master resets helped for a while, then the same 
>>>problem came back. Looking at the DC power cable connector, it 
>>>was fine. So, I opened it up.
>>>The first thing I did was to replace ALL the electrolytic 
>>>capacitors on the A9 power supply board with high-quality 105C 
>>>capacitors. I then checked both batteries (CPU & AT), and 
>>>replaced them. The last thing I did was to DeOxit ALL connectors 
>>>in the radio (quite a job). It has never had a problem since.
>>>73 Bill N4LG
>>>At 12:10 PM 12/15/2019, you wrote:
>>>>Hallo everyone,
>>>>I'm a happy owner of a Orion since 2005. Today, while it was 
>>>>transmitting my home energy was suddenly interrupted. After 
>>>>switching the RTX  on, it started behaving in a strange way: 
>>>>both VFO seems ok but no band reception; only the buttons 
>>>>around the display are active, the others don't  work; no 
>>>>transmission. I performed a Master Reset and then a Ram Clear 
>>>>(followed by a master reset). Now it switch on, the volume goes 
>>>>up an down, some noise comes out from the speaker, but the 20m 
>>>>are silent, only electronic noise.
>>>>Is there any clue to bring it alive again?
>>>>Thanks and 73 de IK3SWB, Enzo.
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