[TenTec] More Omni D problems

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Thu Jul 4 05:35:55 EDT 2019

How is the noise level with a 50 ohm dummy load?

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On Jul 3, 2019, 15:08, at 15:08, tfr001 at myfairpoint.net wrote:
>Well, I wasn't able to come up with a reed relay to replace the bad one
>on my SWR board. I did, however, have some DIP reed relays around, and
>with a little hot melt and some jumpers, it seems to be working. It's
>amazing how huge those original-equipment relays are compared to this
>So anyway, the rig seems to transmit consistently now... that is, it
>doesn't just go away after a while, and bumping the rig doesn't seem to
>affect it.
>On the other hand, receive is still deaf. Or I should probably say,
>it's very noisy. I can hear stuff... loud stuff.... but every band is
>drowning in noise. And this is interesting... when you hook up an
>antenna to the rig, the noise level goes DOWN. I'm pretty sure the
>relay I substituted has nothing to do with this... I checked the
>contact resistance across the relay during receive, and it's somewhere
>below 1 ohm. And this is pretty much how it used to sound before I
>changed the relay.
>Any help?
>-Tom N1OOQ
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