[TenTec] FS ($reduced$): Hercules II Amplifier, 9420 Power Supply, Accessories

Bill Cotter n4lg at qx.net
Tue Jul 9 09:55:41 EDT 2019

For Sale at reduced prices, as a complete package or separately:

TenTec Hercules II Amplifier Model 420 sn#10A10031 - Excellent 
condition with original TenTec foam-in-place box and manual. Puts 
out 550W+ on every band with 45-50W drive. Very quiet operation 
with TX/Key and TX/Enable for QSK. $550 plus shipping.

TenTec 9420 Power Supply 100A sn#70A10072 - Powers the Hercules 
Amplifiers plus an Orion, OMNI-5/6, Paragon or Corsair transceiver. 
Set for 240VAC operation. Excellent condition with original TenTec 
foam-in-place box. $275 plus shipping.

Both the Hercules-II and 9420 Power Supply for $750 OBO plus shipping.

TenTec Hercules DC Cable - $25 plus shipping.

TenTec Hercules 236 Control Cable for auto-bandswitching with the 
OMNI Transceiver and 301 remote tuning encoder (not included) - $40 
plus shipping.

TenTec 229B Antenna Tuner sn#229B0732 - Excellent condition. $125 
plus shipping.

Homebrew 301 encoder in a black 5" x 5" case with cable and DB-25 
connector and COM connector for computer port. $30 plus shipping.

Pictures available upon request. Please contact me directly with 
any questions or offers: n4lg at qx.net

73 Bill N4LG

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