[TenTec] O7+ review

Sandor Wetsel kg4fet at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 29 15:09:11 EDT 2019

Sent to me this morning from a friend who bought the 07+ based on my bragging on my TenTecs. Those were Bill's words not mine. 
Hi Sandor,.
I hope all is well with you. The Omni 7 + arrived this week. I have been putting it through its paces comparing it to my Yaesu ftdx 9000 Contest, the Yaesu ftdx3000, and some of the newer Icom Rigs. Yes, I know how you feel about Icom audio. Me too.
The fit and finish of the rig is improved with a metal front and better quality knobs. 
The review is to say that this is a clear winner in my humble opinion. The noise reduction algorithms do not add a lot of artifacts which is a been a complaint with my other rigs. The noise blanker which is also adjustable, seemed effective with some my noise created by a neighbor running some equipment. Also, I've got my lot of unsolicited positive audio reports from other hams wondering what I was running. I can have nice rich audio, and then at a moment's notice I can change the bandwidth and compression and chase DX. And I have done both. 
BTW, I did work some of the contest this weekend on 20 phone. 20 / S9 signals were within the few KC from where I was working. No AGC pumping, and I was able to pinch the filters down to a little over a KC. The Yaesu has some AGC pumping in AB testing.
As you know, as a behavior analyst I may spend several hours at a time so I can type reports in my office. My informal test is can I stand 8 or 10 hours of an HF rig on all day. Only the Ten Tec left me feeling at the end of the day not fatigued. As a musician, it's all about the sound.
So, I hope Ten Tec can make a go of it and being viable option for those of us who are looking for the best sounding receiver is possible, along with transmitting the most pleasing signal as possible.
So, this rig isn't going anywhere. Very enjoyable, and thank you for taking the time to read this and spread the news. Sorry I can't get on the net, unfortunately that's the same time I'm on. But I'll try to catch one of the Ten Tec nets later in the day when I can.

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