[TenTec] Question about the use of the RX antenna port present on some TT transceivers

Carlos carlos.peco at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 21:27:06 EST 2019


Some TT radios have an RCA connector marked as "RX Antenna", together
with a "RX / TRX" switch.

I cannot make sense of the user manual (perhaps because I'm not a
native speaker) and by looking at the schematics (Corsair II) I cannot
fully determine what this connector does in both TX and RX for both
switch positions.

     - Is that connector to use a separate RX antenna system, or is it
to feed auxiliary receivers with a sample from the main TRX antenna?

     - What is the isolation between the main antenna port and than
"RX antenna" port?

Carlos VK1EA

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