[TenTec] Omni D - possible VFO rebuild in my future

Rich H rhattaway at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 23 20:37:01 EDT 2019

I've redone three of them now, and it gets easier every time.  I found, on the web, a detailed instruction set on how to do it, and only needed one spare part for all three of mine.   The info Barry pointed out ( link reposted below ) is VERY helpful.

I did not find the alcohol and bike grease/oil trick to be effective on the first one, and decided i didn't want to try it again after I took that one apart and saw what was inside.  It's not that bad to just go ahead and take them apart, use some isopropyl alcohol and Q tips to clean it all up ( I needed a small screwdriver to pry away some of the really hardened grease) .. then i used Mobil 1 synthetic grease to relube the pieces.  It has worked great, but I make absolutely no claims about how good this lubricant is compared to the service station grease my friend Mike Hyder mentioned LOL.

If you absolutely cannot find the info, I'll be glad to try to look it up here and send you a link.. but it's pretty easy to find.. reply to my normal email adr if you want 'faster' info.. I don't come here often.


Good info here:  http://tentecwiki.eqth.net/doku.php?id=pto

Barry N1EU

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