[TenTec] Could have been the "Orion 3" ?

Rick at dj0ip.de Rick at dj0ip.de
Fri May 24 02:50:59 EDT 2019

Don't hold your breath on that "High End" bit.
This is not new.  It's been around for about 2 years.

Personally, I get an overdose of 'Bill Gates' every day just sitting at my
I don't want Windows running in my radio.
(Just a comment; I'm not implying that Windows runs on the MB1.)

I was happy to see Yaesu and Kenwood bring out new mid-priced transceivers.
Now that there is some competition in this space, prices are dropping.
Here in Europe we are plagued with about 20% sales tax, so there is $600 of
tax on a $3K radio.
The uplift on US radios is closer to 30% compared to stateside prices.

Unfortunately the new Ten-Tec transceivers will be priced out of the market
on this side of the Pond.
Still, there are some die-hard Ten-Tec fans so I'm sure a few units will
find their way to Europe.
If I weren't retired, I would probably be interested in the Eagle II.

It's hard to justify the jump from a 7300 to any of these other radios, once
you are living on retirement pay....assuming you are still married! (hi)

Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)
May the Sunspots be with us!


On Friday, May 24, 2019, Michael Cheponis <michael.cheponis at gmail.com>
> I'm sure most have seen the MB1 High-End SDR radio:
> https://eesdr.com/en/products-en/transceivers-en/mb1-en
> The short intro vid is https://youtu.be/0S8vNLBf83E
> The front panel is somewhat reminiscent of the Orion II -- but with 
> bigger screen and a lot more buttons.
> -Mike K6THZ
> p.s. I apologize if this "not specifically Ten-Tec" info is 
> inappropriate for this list.
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