[TenTec] I need some help with an Eagle, RX audio issue

Carlos carlos.peco at gmail.com
Sat May 25 02:48:15 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I just bought an Eagle 599AT with NB from a local ham in Canberra.
This radio is very rare in VK, and even more finding somebody in your
town selling one (Canberra is the capital city of Australia but there
is only 400 K people living here).

Price was good, approximately half of what I would have paid for the
same radio in US, plus shipping plus import tax (yes, in Australia
they tax second hand goods you buy from overseas).

Now the problem:

- With the volume control in the middle, the radio makes no audible
noise. Like if it had no speaker. I tried the headphone connection
with an external audio amplifier (volume control in the middle) as
well as the rear speaker connection.

- Despite of having an antenna tuner and a noise blanker, both were
OFF in the configuration as I received the radio (which is what
happens after somebody makes a Master Reset).

- I made my own Master Reset and enabled both antenna tuner and NB module.

- I feel like I'm hearing something. I have to turn the volume knob
all the way to the right, as well as the external audio amplifier all
the way to the right as well. That gives me good audio for a quiet
room, no more. Internal speaker and rear speaker connection is weak as

- I tested the NB and I can hear very faint "beep, beep" in the speaker

- Now I decided to test the antenna tuner:

                            BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!

- So the audio amplifier is there, for sure. Loudest beep ever. The
tuner works as well.

- Later I connected the external audio amplifier to the AUX output on
the rear of the radio. This is the same cable/amplifier combination I
use with the Argonaut VI. The audio there is as good/powerful as the
Argonaut VI.

- The radio does 100 W in CW, but I haven't tried SSB yet.

Any hint of what might be happening ? The radio has a great RX audio
quality, people sound incredibly well, in line with the Argo VI and
the Corsair II.

Many thanks in advance,

Carlos VK1EA

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