[TenTec] Omni VII Plus at Hamvention!

Don Rasmussen wb8yqj at yahoo.com
Thu May 30 12:53:06 EDT 2019

TenTec video highlights the new owner of the company.

I really like his OMNI 7+ idea and as a CW operator would absolutely love to have one.

It would be an uphill climb competing against $1K IC7300, even though the basic operation on CW seems to be noticeably better. However with a roughly $2800 price, comparison would be versus IC7610. 

As an IC7300 owner, I would pay $1500 for a new OMNI VII+ and would like a 2+ year no questions asked warranty. 

I know - dream on!


Peter Bertini:

A birdie told me that Mike is showing the new Omni VII Plus at Hamvention.
Street price is $2999 according to rumor. Radio was said to be in

That might be a bit high compared to imports, but it is probably a fact of
life for manufacturing costs in the US.

I give Mike credit for making something happen, it is a start and I'd love
to see an upgraded Orion offered one of these days. 

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