[TenTec] Omni VII Plus at Hamvention!

Jim Vohland n9vo at hotmail.com
Thu May 30 13:15:37 EDT 2019

The Seven Plus is listed for sale on the ten tec site and with auto tuner and filters comes in at around 3200. According to the counter, there are 13 available. I wish him well but think at that price it might be hard to compete. Looks like a nice rig.

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TenTec video highlights the new owner of the company.

I really like his OMNI 7+ idea and as a CW operator would absolutely love to have one.

It would be an uphill climb competing against $1K IC7300, even though the basic operation on CW seems to be noticeably better. However with a roughly $2800 price, comparison would be versus IC7610.

As an IC7300 owner, I would pay $1500 for a new OMNI VII+ and would like a 2+ year no questions asked warranty.

I know - dream on!


Peter Bertini:

A birdie told me that Mike is showing the new Omni VII Plus at Hamvention.
Street price is $2999 according to rumor. Radio was said to be in

That might be a bit high compared to imports, but it is probably a fact of
life for manufacturing costs in the US.

I give Mike credit for making something happen, it is a start and I'd love
to see an upgraded Orion offered one of these days.

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