[TenTec] Omni VI+ s meter lighting

Paul DeWitte k9ot at yousq.net
Tue Sep 17 23:42:16 EDT 2019

For the last several months I have been using our Omni VII and my Omni VI+
has been under a blanket. Yesterday I decided to put the VI+ back in line.
When I turned it on the S meter lights flicker. This is a very fast
flicker. If it was CW it would be 30-35 WPM. They do not go completely out,
but just
bright and dim.

I tried a master reset and as long as I hold enter in as I power it up the
light is OK. As soon as I release the enter button the lights start to
flicker. This is just the S meter lights and not the display.

It has never done this before. When I to0k it out of line it was working OK.

All else seems to work OK. TX and RCV OK.

Any suggestions?

Paul K9OT


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