[TenTec] Eagle, no 80m

Paul DeWitte k9ot at yousq.net
Sun Sep 22 00:14:52 EDT 2019

Several months ago I bought an Eagle and until this AM I have been happy
with it.
In comparing the rcv of the Eagle to my Omni VI+ I found out that I have no
TX or RCV on 80m. The rest of the bands seem to be OK. I had only used it
on 30m up until now.
Not sure where to start looking. Any suggestions?
For what it is worth, on listening to DX on 160m I could copy Q5 C21WW on
the Eagle but not on the Omni VI+. I was able to narrow it up enough to get
rid of the QRN where the OmniVI+ I could not even with 250 filters in both

Thanks for any replies,
73 Paul K9OT

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