[TenTec] Eagle, no 80m

Gary Follett dukeshifi at comcast.net
Sun Sep 22 00:38:58 EDT 2019

With little data, I can only suggest that one of the filter select relays has failed on either the LPF board or BPF board.

Te way this synthesizer works, it is unlikely that it would fail on only one band.

Pull the input cable on the TX/RX board and touch the TMP connector center with a thin piece of wire and see if you get band noise.

If so, work your way back to the input to the BPF board, then the LPF board.

Somewhere along the line you should see where you are losing your signal.

These boards work on both TX and RX.



> On Sep 21, 2019, at 11:14 PM, Paul DeWitte <k9ot at yousq.net> wrote:
> Several months ago I bought an Eagle and until this AM I have been happy
> with it.
> In comparing the rcv of the Eagle to my Omni VI+ I found out that I have no
> TX or RCV on 80m. The rest of the bands seem to be OK. I had only used it
> on 30m up until now.
> Not sure where to start looking. Any suggestions?
> For what it is worth, on listening to DX on 160m I could copy Q5 C21WW on
> the Eagle but not on the Omni VI+. I was able to narrow it up enough to get
> rid of the QRN where the OmniVI+ I could not even with 250 filters in both
> IFs.
> Thanks for any replies,
> 73 Paul K9OT
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