[TenTec] removing knobs from TT Century 21 Digital ?!! no setscrew access

Josh Gibbs gibbsjj at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 16:54:30 EST 2020

Hi Brian,

I have a C21 Digital. The knobs on mine are original, and they do
indeed have a very small set screw that must be loosened before attempting
to remove them. If you have the original knobs, look again closely. A very
small allen key is required... I don't recall the size.

Be *very* careful when you tighten those set screws. Tighten them the
absolute minimum amount needed to keep them on. Over tightening is the #1
cause of those knobs cracking.

Good luck!


-Josh WU7H

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 10:55 AM brianpepperdine brianpepperdine <
brianpepperdine at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Hi, I picked a TT Century 21 Digital up at a hamfest in 2019 and am now
> turning
> my attention to it. Admittedly its the 3rd one to arrive here, with hopes
> of
> turning the Digital and the 2 analog ones into one or two working rigs.
> In all cases the PTO is the first thing to have to look at - frozen like
> Captain
> Highlanders Fishsticks, HI.
> OK.. take off front panel. Makes sense....  BUT.....
> the small knobs don't have the set-screw hole for a screw or Allen key
> set-screw
> access. What? One of the knobs (already showing a couple cracks/gaps) has
> an
> access for knob release.
> But all the other main knobs (small round) don't show an access hole. How
> do I
> get the knob off? I thought possibly (oddly and strangely) they might be
> friction fit with a little metal tab holding them to the shaft tightly,
> but
> they don't sure seem like that.. a little bit of pulling and a bit of
> screwdriver leverage (carefully.. since we know these things crack) don't
> seem
> to show any easy friction fit release.
> Anyone encounter these seemingly reluctant knobs before?
> tnx
> Brian VE3HI   VE3VAW

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