[TenTec] Corsair II Drive knob

Bob DeVarney W1ICW w1icw at myfairpoint.net
Sun Dec 20 18:24:00 EST 2020

Speaking of knobs, I'm looking for a drive knob to cherry out my Corsair 
II. It's actually only missing the aluminum insert aka knob bright, but 
I've failed miserably to find either a knob or an insert so far. Anybody 
have a knob they don't mind selling?

On 12/20/2020 4:54 PM, Josh Gibbs wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> I have a C21 Digital. The knobs on mine are original, and they do
> indeed have a very small set screw that must be loosened before attempting
> to remove them. If you have the original knobs, look again closely. A very
> small allen key is required... I don't recall the size.
> Be *very* careful when you tighten those set screws. Tighten them the
> absolute minimum amount needed to keep them on. Over tightening is the #1
> cause of those knobs cracking.
> Good luck!
> 73,
> -Josh WU7H

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