[TenTec] retaining / securing lock washer on TT Century 21 Analog dial

brianpepperdine brianpepperdine brianpepperdine at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 26 14:22:28 EST 2020

This is more or less for archival info  in case someone else wanders this
path...  I removed the front panel and analog dial from my Century 21 that I am
going to
do a PTO re-grease etc on.

One thing that flummoxed me in my somewhat obsessive nature was the lock
'washer' that was in front of the circular dial. I had to carefully pry this out
taking care not to break it (obviously). I wondered what this actually is, since
in its somewhat precarious state just in case sometime down the line someone or
myself had to go in
again (hopefully not if the replacement grease works) this washer might get some
fatigue from being pried out again. Its a sort of cupped star washer with teeth
on the inside - obviously unique to the circular C 21 dial.

Anyhow, I sort of racked my brain thinking of words that might describe it on
Google to maybe obtain one or two and tape them inside the front panel for
need of the Martians or whomever inherits the Earth and/or my radio!!

Eventually I found it best described (for Google and image search needs) as a
push-on retaining lock washer.
Here is an image search:

Just in case someone down the line on the TT list etc. is doing one of these
rigs and loses or breaks the push on washer or also wants to keep a spare.

With any luck Lowes or Home Depot or some other reasonably accessible vendor
will have it. I don't want a kit of 200 various size washers from Amazon just to
fulfil this one small need. I will be careful with the one I have but can always
eventually find one somewhere... now that I know what it is called. I know lots
of names it is NOT called. 

>From wood working I know there are lots of hardware kind of things that don't
easily spring to mind regarding terminology or name  .... like Chicago nuts.
Ever heard of that?


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