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Mike Pagel k9uw at wi-net.com
Wed Jan 1 19:54:12 EST 2020

Rick, if you have areas on that Omni that didn't come out as clean as you'd like, try GoJo or Goop hand cleaner - just be sure to get the stuff in the white container!  Do NOT use the version of these products that contains pumice!  That stuff usually comes in orange containers.  Goop, for example, is commonly found in hardware, grocery and big box stores.  Harbor Freight also has it.

I apply Goop with an old toothbrush or even with my hands and wipe it up with a paper towel.  You'd be amazed at what comes off an 80 year old radio cabinet and how much better the original finish can look after a good cleaning with either of these products.

http://goophandcleaner.com/original-goop/  or  http://gojo.com/en/Product/1109-12


Mike, K9UW
Amherst, WI

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What’s a good solution for cleaning the face of an OMNI VI?  It’s mostly collected dust in the grooves of the external knobs and push buttons.




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