[TenTec] Classic TenTec QSK, etc.

Don Rasmussen wb8yqj at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 11 00:35:32 EST 2020

I don't think you want to compare RGO to IC7300 or IC705, if you do then just buy one of those. They are greatly more feature rich for the dollar. But, if you already have one of those - I have IC7300, maybe an RGO can find a place in the shack. Steve N4LQ did a video comparing CW with IC7300 and Corsair II. Corsair II won very big, IMO even when noise reduction was turned on for the Icom. But, this specific comparison is for the sound from the speaker, not frequency stability, memories, or modes! Corsair wins on quiet rx. I find that IC7300 is vastly closer to Corsair when I turn the AGC off. I would like to hear how RGO compares to Corsair and IC7300 on CW as Steve set things up - with equal speakers. My guess is RGO will have notably quiet audio from the samples I've heard. That could make it a nice niche machine. I posted about this because it seems like the project is moving ahead, as compared to others - like the Palstar transceiver project that faded before launch. 
de Wb8yqj Don

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