[TenTec] Classic TenTec QSK, etc.

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Sat Jan 11 09:39:25 EST 2020

>You cannot disable the relay via a menu on the 7300 although you can on the
IC-7610. The amplifier relay is keyed at all times.
The only way to kill the relay is to rip it out. 

Steve's right.  The relay must be extracted.  Don't even think about it if
you don't own a high-quality de-soldering gun (or re-work station) like a
Hakko FR300.  The 7300 uses a multi-layer PC board that can be easily
damaged.  But once the relay is out, the rest is easy.  I documented the
process on the 7300 Yahoo Group.  With all the changes to Yahoo and porting
to IO Groups, I have no idea if any of that material was saved.     

Once the relay is out, I think it's a good idea to use "breakable" SIP
sockets in the holes vacated by the relay.  If you ever want to sell the
7300, a new relay can simply be installed in the socket and you're done.
That puts the 7300 back in its original condition.

On the RGO transceiver, it's shame they didn't place the "REV" but adjacent
to the VFO knob.  If I were to purchase one, I'd drill a hole in the front
panel and parallel a new switch with the REV button.  With the current REV
placement, it makes working DX split difficult and almost necessitates using
two hands to move VFO B while searching the calling station.  Elecraft made
the same mistake with the K3.  When the 2nd receiver is installed in the K3
it's not an issue.  But, with a single receiver, it's difficult to contort
your hand to press REV and adjust the VFO knob.   

Paul, W9AC 

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