[TenTec] Orion 2 - RTC backup module

Petr Ourednik indians at xsmail.com
Thu Jul 2 06:26:12 EDT 2020

Hi all,

no issue to be solved request, just sending happy user FYI report...:)

I finished small home work on my Orion 2 so just I want to let you know.

1. Internal AT-566K tuner installed (found luckily on eBay)
2. Found and removed ratling part from cabinet (washer found in between front panel and analog meter) so I will no longer be nervous for possible short circuit and damage my O2.
3. RTC backup module replaced (it was not necessary as all worked well but when I had opened the radio and front panel removed...)

Regarding the RTC there are two possibilities:
Provides battery backup power for serial realtime clock, non-volatile TIMEKEEPER® and supervisor devices. 
Choice of battery capacities:
– M4T28-BR12SH = 48 mAh
– M4T32-BR12SH = 120 mAh
...made by STMicroelectronics.

I used bigger one > the M4T32-BR12SH = 120 mAh. There is plenty of room around to be used in O2.

Let me know if you can not find it (Mouser and Digikey still have them) or if you have dificulties to obtain them. I can help you.

Best 73 and CU on the air with our TTs

73 - Petr, OK1RP
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What could be easier..?  ¯‍∖‍_‍(‍ツ‍)‍_‍/‍¯

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