[TenTec] looking for clean Eagle

Allan Taylor k7gt.cw at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 10:05:47 EDT 2020

I am looking for a clean Tentec Eagle to add to my fleet. lI already
have one and it needs a buddy. Prefer two aux filters: 300/600
and 1800 if possible. Noise blanker not needed (will mostly be
a field radio). Antenna tuner a MUST (having an internal tuner is
why I am not buying a FT891 or such).  I have seen a few go
by recently but chose not  to act then.

I have an extra TT 38 antenna tuner that could be part of a
trade + cash deal.

I prefer email but text OK also:   five four one  eight two one ---
nine  two  five  zeroooo.

73     Allan    K7GT

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