[TenTec] Tentec Audio fidelity doubt

Bob McGraw K4TAX rmcgraw at blomand.net
Wed Jul 22 09:52:40 EDT 2020


Unless there is a fault with your radio, typically the Argonaut VI has 
excellent receive audio.   At the same time, I will emphasize that 
Tentec radios DO NOT operate like other brand radios.    In fact one 
will find there is a learning curve which must be attained and 
understood and applied accordingly.

As to mushy audio, I would speculate the PBT and BW are not adjusted 
optimally.   Additionally, if you are using the NR function, turn it OFF 
as it is best used for CW mode and not SSB mode.  For SSB mode, a 
combination of RF Gain and BW values give better results.  The PRE 
should be used for higher bands as needed.   Best noise reduction for 
SSB is attained using the RF Gain control.   Rarely will you find RF 
Gain should be at maximum except for perhaps 15M and 10M.

Again if you try to set the values on the Argonaut VI like you would on 
a ICOM, Kenwood, or Yaesu you will not attain optimum performance.  
Tentec radios use a very different architecture and will not operate as 
one uses for non Tentec radios.

As to a spectrum scope, where did you read in the information it has 
one?    Fact is, it never did and never will have one.

I suggest you spend some time reading the manual cover to cover a couple 
of times and apply the suggestions in the manual to the radio operation.

Quick suggestions:

Set BW to the wider value starting with 2.7 kHz for SSB

Set PBT to center value and adjust to reduce QRM in the passband.

Reduce the RF Gain

Turn OFF the NR function except for CW mode.

Set the AF Gain to a comfortable listening level

And read the manual at least twice.

Unless there is a fault with your radio, these suggestions work. You 
will need to learn to use the radio as it is different than ICOM, 
Kenwood, and Yaesu radios.


Bob, K4TAX

On 7/22/2020 12:22 AM, Chang Song wrote:
> Hello, folks.
> I have heard so much about Tentec's legendary audio fidelity, I decided to
> purchase a Tentec Argonaut VI.    I mostly use SSB.
> I also have an IC7300.
>  From the moment I started using it, I realized that the voice came out from
> the speaker
> and the headphone jack on the Argonat VI is very very mushy.
> Adding to the fact that it does not have spectrum scope.
> I can hardly understand voice with moderate signal level while on IC7300,
> even weaker signal, I can clearly understand voices.
> Is this normal for TenTec?   Or the audio fidelity applied only to CW..
> although
> I don't think it is better than IC7300 either.

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