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Chang Song tru64ufs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 11:40:03 EDT 2020

oh one more question.

When I turn AF gain past about 2 o’clock, i heard constant buzz sound and it
gets louder when I turn clockwise.
Is this normal?

thank you.

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> On Jul 23, 2020, at 10:44 AM, Carlos PECO BERROCAL <carlos.peco at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Fully agree with Bob's comments. Start with some good settings first
> because your radio might be perfectly fine.
> You can analyze the audio coming from the radio with a computer and a sound
> card. Lots of free software options around, the one I use is Spectrum Lab:
> https://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/spectra1.html
> Bob's comments about the use of the RF gain are spot on. I normally set the
> volume to a comfortable level and then ride the RF gain up and down.
> The cable I have for the external panadapter has a TMP connector in one end
> (for the PCB) and a female SMA (bulkhead type) for the back panel. I
> assembled that by myself but I think you can source it online. The IF
> output is good for you to use an external panadapter and have a close
> (narrow) view of the band.
> As I mentioned yesterday, the spectrum you have there is not flat (full
> sensitivity at 9 MHz but drops towards the sides) but perfectly good to see
> the spectrum of your counterpart as well as a couple of "nets" up and down.
> In my case I want to see at least 300 kHz of real-time bandwidth, so I
> rather have the SDR panadapter in the antenna side rather than the first IF
> side.
> Next in my list is wiring the panadapter output for the Eagle. That radio
> can provide you an RF output (after the RX preselector) that you split
> externally in two (one for your SDR panadapter and the other one to feed
> back into the transceiver for receive purposes). I think it is better than
> using the 9 MHz output (at least in my case).
> I tested several external SDR receivers in conjunction with the Argonaut VI
> and Eagle. The combination I like the most allows you to tune the Ten-Tec
> radio up and down (using the front panel knob) while the SDR radio (as
> panadapter) follows you. Additionally, if you see some interesting activity
> in the waterfall, you can click on it with your mouse and the Eagle/A6 goes
> there straight away.
> I like the 7300 concept (HF transceiver with spectral and waterfall
> display) but I don't like the size of the display (too small when you want
> to see large chunks of spectrum) and the fact that you are constrained to
> whatever the radio's firmware does (while, if you use an external SDR
> receiver as panadapter, you can try a multitude of different software
> options and features). If I was going to buy a new radio, I would like it
> to have "legacy" control knobs and switches as well as a recessed area in
> the front panel to fit an optional COTS tablet PC.
> 73,
> Carlos VK1EA
>> On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 11:52 PM Bob McGraw K4TAX <rmcgraw at blomand.net>
>> wrote:
>> Chang:
>> Unless there is a fault with your radio, typically the Argonaut VI has
>> excellent receive audio.   At the same time, I will emphasize that
>> Tentec radios DO NOT operate like other brand radios.    In fact one
>> will find there is a learning curve which must be attained and
>> understood and applied accordingly.
>> As to mushy audio, I would speculate the PBT and BW are not adjusted
>> optimally.   Additionally, if you are using the NR function, turn it OFF
>> as it is best used for CW mode and not SSB mode.  For SSB mode, a
>> combination of RF Gain and BW values give better results.  The PRE
>> should be used for higher bands as needed.   Best noise reduction for
>> SSB is attained using the RF Gain control.   Rarely will you find RF
>> Gain should be at maximum except for perhaps 15M and 10M.
>> Again if you try to set the values on the Argonaut VI like you would on
>> a ICOM, Kenwood, or Yaesu you will not attain optimum performance.
>> Tentec radios use a very different architecture and will not operate as
>> one uses for non Tentec radios.
>> As to a spectrum scope, where did you read in the information it has
>> one?    Fact is, it never did and never will have one.
>> I suggest you spend some time reading the manual cover to cover a couple
>> of times and apply the suggestions in the manual to the radio operation.
>> Quick suggestions:
>> Set BW to the wider value starting with 2.7 kHz for SSB
>> Set PBT to center value and adjust to reduce QRM in the passband.
>> Reduce the RF Gain
>> Turn OFF the NR function except for CW mode.
>> Set the AF Gain to a comfortable listening level
>> And read the manual at least twice.
>> Unless there is a fault with your radio, these suggestions work. You
>> will need to learn to use the radio as it is different than ICOM,
>> Kenwood, and Yaesu radios.
>> 73
>> Bob, K4TAX
>>> On 7/22/2020 12:22 AM, Chang Song wrote:
>>> Hello, folks.
>>> I have heard so much about Tentec's legendary audio fidelity, I decided
>> to
>>> purchase a Tentec Argonaut VI.    I mostly use SSB.
>>> I also have an IC7300.
>>> From the moment I started using it, I realized that the voice came out
>> from
>>> the speaker
>>> and the headphone jack on the Argonat VI is very very mushy.
>>> Adding to the fact that it does not have spectrum scope.
>>> I can hardly understand voice with moderate signal level while on IC7300,
>>> even weaker signal, I can clearly understand voices.
>>> Is this normal for TenTec?   Or the audio fidelity applied only to CW..
>>> although
>>> I don't think it is better than IC7300 either.
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