[TenTec] OMNI 6+ general value present day?

Byron Cordes byroncordes at icloud.com
Fri Jul 31 13:40:48 EDT 2020

You better use it or you’ll lose it! Hihi 
  Probably the hardest thing on a radio is not using it. I got a Orion and put the Omni VI on the shelf . Well it happen A9 board caps gone bad in the Orion . No big deal ordered caps got down Omni.  Power up and no vfo .Ok case off unplug and plug a few connectors and where back going  just in time for our 160 gathering. About ten mins in radio starts acting up . A tap on top back going , 5 more minutes all stop! 
  Spent the rest off night cleaning those pins.  Backup and working fine caps came in and again Omni goes on shelf. 8 months or so Orion down again  bad pin connections put Orion on bench to clean all pins upfront. Get down Omni  (no work) same as last time . Cleaned pins and back going again . AH
   As far as worth in there day they where a fine radio (leading edge dsp) but there time has gone. You can pickup a IC 7300  for under $1000 used I bought for $600 . And no I would not give $600 for a Omni. Just seen a Ten Tec VII  sell for $600 about two weeks ago . I sold a Orion for $660  . The radio market is saturated with old radios . Even the high end radios have been coming down. And then the virus thing hit! 
 73s Byron AC9PA 

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On Jul 31, 2020, at 11:37 AM, N4IJ <dougn4ij at gmail.com> wrote:

It would seem like I am advertising my OMNI6+ on this list but I have not
seen any listed on QTH or ebay lately for pricing. Right now am using my
OMNI6+ as backup to my FTDX5000MPL, so it sits on the shelf all the time
and does not get used.  Fully loaded with filters, roofing filter, no
scratches, etc. For what I have seen a long time ago, I would think it is
worth more to me than letting it go - especially since I am 90% CW operator.

73 Doug N4IJ
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