[TenTec] For sale: Argo 515 and more

nz8j nz8j at woh.rr.com
Wed Dec 15 15:20:49 EST 2021

Thought i would mention it here before listing it elsewhere.Ten tec 515 in good condition  some scratches but very nice overall. PTO is smooth, 5 watts output, copy of manual, no mic or power cord. Couple issues  the antenna rca jack is intermittent and should be changed. On occasion the rx will drop out, but hitting the key brings it right back. It will go days without doing it, i think there may be a reed relay in the TR circuitry that needs attention, not sure. Given the couple issues I'll sell it as-is for $225 plus shipping. Paypal preferred.Two Ten tec Signalizers S-20 and S-30. They are pretty much the same, ac powered amplified external speakers with an AGC function, the S-30 also has a variable audio filter. They are both in nice condition. They match the older ten tec wood grain cabinets.$50 plus shipping for the S-20, and $60 plus shipping for the S-30.Ten tec KR-40 keyer, in rough shape, but it works to key the radio. The internal sidetone freq and level needs work. $25 plus shippingAny serious interest I can take some pics if wanted.ThanksTimNZ8J

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