[TenTec] S-meter on the Pegasus

Chuck Till k4rgn at outlook.com
Tue Dec 14 10:06:06 EST 2021

I've seen two Pegasus programming documents that describe the process to retrieve the S-meter setting. They both say that the computer should issue the command 3F 53 0D and that the Peg will respond 53 XX YY 0D. But my Peg responds with 53 WW XX YY ZZ 0D. In other words, the response has four data bytes instead of two. This apparently confuses Hamlib that's built into FLrig and WSJT-X, although N4PY gets it right.

Anyone know the story on this? I assume there was a firmware revision to the Peg at some point.

73 Chuck K4RGN

Chuck Till
Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, 27613, USA (FM05pv81)

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