[TenTec] Two topics: Tentec Eagle I2C Clock speed. Multi control erratic.

Bob McGraw rmcgraw at blomand.net
Wed Feb 3 20:25:18 EST 2021


I'd say 99% of the issues of this type are from a dirty control.   It 
can be removed, it can be opened and cleaned and it can be re-assembled 
and installed into the radio.   I have pictures of the MULTI control 
which I opened, cleaned and put back in the radio.   It is still working 

The pictures are on the Eagle Groups.IO site under files.

You are making the issue much too complex.  It is the control.


Bob, K4TAX

On 2/3/2021 5:16 PM, Bob D. wrote:
> 1. Does anyone know the I2C clock speed in the Eagle 599.
> 2. I have two and a half Eagles. One of the two complete Eagles is
> misbehaving with regard to the multi-control.
> I don't want to replace the control if the problem is elsewhere.
> The symptom: Select something like CW speed or Power. Turn the
> multi-control. The indicated value jumps around. If I turn CCW it generally
> decreases but with jumps to higher and lower values. If I turn CW, it
> generally increases but with jumps to lower and higher values. I'm thinking
> it could be a problem with the control, signal levels, noise on the lines,
> ???
> What say?
> 73, -bob ah7i

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