[TenTec] Proper TenTec 960 power Supply Schematic

DJ 75a4 at cox.net
Fri Jun 4 00:18:16 EDT 2021

Hi All

Could some one let me know if there is a proper schematic for my TenTec 960 power supply;y ,none I have are proper in terms of parts.

Problem is that  I turn on supply , I can Adjust to proper voltage, but when I put any load on the supply like 1 to 18 amps amp it, the voltage goes to zero volts.

Take load of it is ok with proper voltage , have two supplies with same problem.

Sure could use some help on this.

Checked all the parts ,have replaced parts , 723 on all, my brain is gone .

Thank you for the read

DJ. K6RCL. Goleta, Calif.

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