[TenTec] Right Channel dead on Orion 2 phones

Bernie Skoch k5xs at aol.com
Thu Sep 23 18:11:41 EDT 2021

I've had it happen when I have used a mediocre adapter to take my 1/8" phones plug and adapt it to the 1/4" jack.
Have you reversed the sources to see if the problem follows the source or the jack? (I _think_ you can do that...)
Best of luck troubleshooting.
Bernie K5XS

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Subject: [TenTec] Right Channel dead on Orion 2 phones

Has anyone seen this happen before? The right channel on the stereo 
phone output jaclk appears to be dead. Not a sound on the right side. 
Yet, on speaker I hear what should come put of the right channel without 
a problem. So, there appears to be audio from the source I'm routing to 
the right channel (the RX-366 audio). I've done a couple of master 
resets to no avail, though I will add that initially today the RX-366 
seemed dead but after a rest, it's happy again.

Kim N5OP

Kim Elmore, Ph

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