Ed - K9EW k9ew57 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 19:51:37 EDT 2021

I am not the original owner, but I have had this '509 for about 10 years,
and worked all states in the first 6 months. I had it.  Cosmetically, it's
about an 8 and electrically it's a 10.  I have only operated it in CW mode,
so can't give it an SSB rating.  I rebuilt the PTO about 2 years ago, so it
won't need any attention for several years.  I want to find a new home for
this classic little rig, not someone who will turn around and sell it on an
Internet Auction site.  My reason for selling it is that I need to "thin
the herd" so to speak (and it's getting harder to part with what remains).
$175 including shipping.

Pictures available on request.

-ed, k9ew

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