[TenTec] Model 315 Receiver

Byron Tatum bjtatum1 at att.net
Sat Mar 12 12:56:36 EST 2022

Hello-    I have searched for one of these receivers for many years and finally was able to add a really decent looking one to my Ten Tec collection. I like to rebuild and use the early QRP Argonaut 505, 509 and 515 series. I have a complete inventory of the solid state devices for these rigs in my spare parts collection. Kind of got an education regarding the earlier epoxy transistors as used in models 505 and earlier 509's. I have been studying the model 315 manual and researching the early germanium transistors and the dual transistors used. I wanted to ask if anyone has any information to share on replacement devices or actual sources of OEM devices as shown in the model 315 manual. Specifically they are the A138, A154,A2739 and BC418B devices. I have the 2N5128, 2N5134, 2N4105, 2N4106, 2N2646 and 40823 original devices in my spares now for the Argonauts.
    I have not launched into restoration of my model 315 but thought in the meantime I would research sources of replacement devices and would appreciate any information relating to sources of these devices or substitutes. I would also appreciate any technical information others may have (outside of original manual) for this model 315. In my mind I thought the model 315 would share many of the early epoxy silicon transistors entirely as used in the model 505 Argonaut but was surprised to see all of the germanium devices in the model 315 receiver.
Sincere thanks,  Byron W5FH

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