[TenTec] New parts available for the Orion and Orion II

Scott Sheppard scott.vy1co at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 20:30:30 EST 2023


Some of you may have read about some of my issues with the freq
alignment of my Orion. Turns out the tcxo is hooped...given the tcxo
is now inobtanium, I found a manufacturer of such devices and wrote
them to see what it would take to make a new tcxo. In the interim,
another fine fellow on this list found some new old stock--albeit a
small number. I decided to follow through with the company anyway
given they had extended the courtesy of following up with me.

I am not sure how wide spread the tcxo issue is, but in the event some
are interested, I could follow through with a minimum order of tcxo's
if needed. As I say, my own supply issues have been solved by Marcus
and his connections to Japan, but others may be in need.

This is not a business proposition. Purely extending the courtesy to
see if others are interested in getting their hands on a purpose-built
tcxo for their Orion. Cost is estimated at 50$ each if it were to go
ahead, based on a minimum production run of 10.

I honestly dont know what the life expectancy of the TCXO is, and I
suspect I may be an anomaly, but sometimes its nice to have spares...

If interested, just let me know, I am good on QRZ.

Kind regards to all...

Scott  VY1CO

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