[TenTec] New parts available for the Orion and Orion II

dukeshifi dukeshifi at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 21:04:01 EST 2023

I still have three or four functioning Orion synthesizer boards.



> On Jan 16, 2023, at 7:30 PM, Scott Sheppard <scott.vy1co at gmail.com> wrote:
> Folks
> Some of you may have read about some of my issues with the freq
> alignment of my Orion. Turns out the tcxo is hooped...given the tcxo
> is now inobtanium, I found a manufacturer of such devices and wrote
> them to see what it would take to make a new tcxo. In the interim,
> another fine fellow on this list found some new old stock--albeit a
> small number. I decided to follow through with the company anyway
> given they had extended the courtesy of following up with me.
> I am not sure how wide spread the tcxo issue is, but in the event some
> are interested, I could follow through with a minimum order of tcxo's
> if needed. As I say, my own supply issues have been solved by Marcus
> and his connections to Japan, but others may be in need.
> This is not a business proposition. Purely extending the courtesy to
> see if others are interested in getting their hands on a purpose-built
> tcxo for their Orion. Cost is estimated at 50$ each if it were to go
> ahead, based on a minimum production run of 10.
> I honestly dont know what the life expectancy of the TCXO is, and I
> suspect I may be an anomaly, but sometimes its nice to have spares...
> If interested, just let me know, I am good on QRZ.
> Kind regards to all...
> Scott  VY1CO
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