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Larry DiGioia
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 08:54:18 -0500

This is a copy of my message to the Towertalk reflector.

    I subscribed to this list a week ago because I am planning on taking the
winter to decide what kind of tower to put up next spring. I am mainly looking
put up a 160m vertical. I am going to summarize my thinking so far.

  I have been corresponding with many of you privately, and one of the things
that I investigated was the Conical Monopole. This design provides two big
advantages over a series fed tower; it is safer for lightning, being grounded,
and it can be about 20% shorter than a full-length 1/4 wave vertical. Lastly,
is usable up to 40m as well.

  My most difficult decision now becomes whether to use 25g, like everyone 
here, or go with self-supporting, which I see very little discussion on. Could
this be because self-supporting is much more trouble-free? Or is it just
most of you don't think it is worth the $$ ?

  I take this as a positive, because, judging by all the trials and
tribulations I see
many of you discussing, regarding guys and tensioning, it looks to me like a
self-supporter would be worth the extra cost, with the added bonus of being a
lot better looking to the XYL.

   Thanks for all of your collective expertise,


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