TopBand: re: lack of subject

David Schmocker
Wed, 18 Dec 96 14:24:34 CST

     WA6CDR is right on!  Before posting anything, ask yourself, 
     "Who cares?"
     If it is 160m sked info for TZ6VV or P40V or SV2ASP/A (or other DX), 
     then post it!  
     If it's N1DG's band openings from A6 or a report how it's going at 
     3DA0CA or ZS8IR (or other DX) on topband, then post it!
     If it's other stuff, then please consider taking it somewhere else.
     The delete key is nearly worn out. Thank you for your consideration.
     Flames to KJ9I, not to the topband reflector.  Thank you.
     David.Schmocker@TWCable.Com   KJ9I

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