TopBand: UA0KAG

Robert Kavanagh
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 11:06:11 -0500 (EST)

I have received quite a lot of requests for information about getting a
QSL from UA0KAG. Here's what I did.

First, let me acknowledge the help I received from Jeff, K1ZM, who put me
on the right track.

The address is: Anatol Sazonenkov, Box 484, Cape Schmidt, 686830 Russia.

I enclosed 1US$ and also some mint Canadian stamps. (Not sure what he'll
do with the latter ! But hoped they might be useful). The postage on
UA0KAG's airmail envelope was 2000 rubles, which is the equivalent of
about US$0.36. So, 1$US was probably sufficient. For some reason, Tom used
a Russian airmail envelope instead of the SAE I sent.

I tried to disguise my letter to foil the thieves in the Russian P.O. I
used a business sized envelope with a logo on it from a musical
organization. I did not put on my return address. I typed the address of
UA0KAG, but did not add the call sign.Following a tip that I picked up a while
back from NI6T I added the words UEHHOCTEW HET on the envelope. This
apparently means "nothing of value". It would probably have been better to
have typed this in Cyrillic characters, but I didn't.

That's what I did. Good luck !

For your interest, here's some information from UA0KAG's QSL: power 100
watts, antenna delta loop, location 69N 179W, Obl 139, zone 19.

Bob, VE3OSZ, Ottawa.

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