TopBand: Stew Perry---observations from JO78---SM4CAN

Kent Svensson
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 19:29:02 +0100

Was expecting some really great openings due to the low A & k index and
some really good opening the nite before.....
Here is what I noticed:
Band was way down on sat nite---just a couple of JA--KH2D was hardly
noticed--even at his sunrise..a few OH"s made it---V63KZ was heard & worked
within 2 minutes.
Come on the band at 02z sunday morning and US stations were going up and
down in heavy QSB.
This was very prounanced on east coast stations for some reason.
Qsb was also bad on west coast stations but thats more the normal.
                           599     599       599      599    599      559  
  599      579
Best signals were:N7UA--W7GG--KA7T--K8MK--WB9Z--AD6C--W6RR--W6OSP
Stations heard--not worked:N7EX--N6LL--VE5SF--W0ZQ--N5JA....good signals

Quite strange that east coast stations were so hard to copy and work.

It was a nice suprise working Per--JX7DFA on cw/ssb--he will be qrv with
higher power early 1997 refering to LA6WEA--Ken
Congrats to Jack--VE1ZZ--for finally working JX!!!


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